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Childhood Dreams Come True at Quebec City Winter Carnival

Standing outside the ice palace I’m mesmerized by each perfect clear block of ice stacked before me. His face is planted in the center of the wall, in case there was any doubt that this was...
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Movies vs. Reality: Sex and Solo Female Travel #SKExperts

Sex and Solo Female Travel When my editors asked me to “talk about sex and solo female travel” I did a slight cringe. I had no idea how to even broach the topic until one night watching...
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Up Close with the Animals at the San Antonio Texas Wildlife Safari

The door to the mini van was open and I saw the Zebra approaching in front of me. I held my camera in one hand and had a bag of food pellets in my lap ready to throw out some food and trying to stay...
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Travel News: Top Five Deal Destinations for Canadians in 2016

With a new year upon us Canadians are faced with a depreciating loonie making the search for the best travel deals more difficult! To help Canadians with their vacation plans, Travelzoo recently...
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Ideas for an Ontario Winter Getaway with the Girls

Winter has finally arrived but many of my girlfriends appear to be going into hibernation mode. I’ve actually heard from 3 different girlfriends all telling me the same thing: “We should...
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Ideas for an Ontario Winter Getaway with the Girls

Winter has finally arrived but many of my girlfriends appear to be going into hibernation mode. I’ve actually heard from 3 different girlfriends all telling me the same thing: “We should plan a beach vacation.” This really got me thinking about why... read more

Latest Hotel Reviews

Review: Hyatt Hill Country Resort San Antonio Texas

I was sitting in an old rocking chair on Aunt Mary’s porch and each time the chair went backward the wooden porch creaked beneath me. I was staring across at the landscaped gardens admiring a squirrel who was nibbling at the food left for him in a little house... read more

Hotel Review: Stone Gate Inn, Orillia Ontario

From the moment we walked into the door of the Stone Gate Inn in Orillia Ontario we were made to feel like we were right at home. The hotel receptionist greeted us like we were old friends coming in for a visit and was interested in our plans for the weekend. She gave... read more

Latest Restaurant Reviews

Review: The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar Dallas Texas

When I travel I love going to restaurants that go the extra mile to source their ingredients from local farmers. During my recent 24 hour trip to Dallas Texas I was happy we stopped at The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar. They source their seafood from the Gulf and their... read more

Lunch at America … The Restaurant not the Country

It’s no secret that one of my favourite places to stay in Toronto is the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto®. I’ve been to the hotel for a girls weekend living the Trump Life where I stayed in a luxury business suite, enjoyed a spa treatment and... read more

Summer Shines Bright A Starry Night in Orillia Ontario

I’ve had one of the most amazing summers in Ontario this year and it included two trips to the City of Orillia. I just love everything this city has to offer: a beautiful waterfront park, cute shopping village, a killer farmer’s market and a community... read more

Latest Travel Gear Reviews and Lifestyle Posts

Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

OK let’s be honest you are all probably thinking that this list is really for me to hint out to all my friends and family what they can get me for a gift? But instead I decided to put together a list of all my favourite travel gear to make choosing a great... read more

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