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I’m standing on Bay Street looking up at the massive glass skyscraper towering above me. The last time I was in Toronto this was a parking lot and it didn’t look very big. I’m thinking to myself, how did this happen, one minute I’m tweeting away and the next I get invited to attend a blogger’s lunch at Trump Tower as part of the TBEX conference?

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Trump Toronto Hotel


As I walk into the beautiful lobby, I’m momentarily stunned by the black décor with white and wood accents. I was expecting everything to be gold. It’s what I picture when I think of Donald Trump. I was immediately greeted warmly by a lovely lady who directed me to the elevator and told me everyone’s upstairs at Stock Restaurant. I didn’t know much about the scene I was about to walk into, it was my first conference, tweeting was still new to me and here I was entering the Stock Restaurant Bar and Lounge in Trump Tower – how was this happening?

Another friendly greeting at the elevator and a quick tour of the new Terrace. An all glass narrow patio hugging the building side with an amazing view of Toronto Financial District. The inside of the restaurant was also decorated in black and white. Everything crisp and fresh looking, with beautiful artwork and embellishments throughout.


I was directed up the stairs to the Loft which is a great space for private dining functions. Immediately I grabbed a chair and was given a Manhattan to quench my thirst. The room was filled with bloggers Johnny Jet and Planet D caught my eye first! After some short words from the hotel’s general manager welcoming us to Trump Tower, we were all seated and the food started making its way to the tables.

With wine being poured the artistic plates of appetizers started making their way to the table. Fresh bread, tuna tacos and guacamole were placed along the table. All the bloggers were moaning aloud. It was like each bite was a flavour explosion that just softly dissolved in my mouth. I just kept taking bite after meaningful bite and then the taco was gone and all of us were looking at the diminishing plate of tacos in front of us and each one of us was thinking the same thing. Do I grab another one before they are all gone!

Trump-Toronto-Tower-Stock-Restaurnt-Appetizer  Trump-Toronto-Tower-Stock-Tuna- Tacos

The menu included another appetizer and main course to choose from and I chose the Quebec Foie Gras and the Beef Burger. Since I arrived in Toronto the day before and up until this moment my eating consisted of sampling on a tour of the Distillery District, some small nibbles at a Travel Massive party and a Weight Watchers oatmeal for breakfast! So I was happy to have a big meal for lunch!

Trump-Toronto-Tower-Stock-Foi Gras  Trump-Toronto-Tower-Stock-beef-burger-frites

Each plate was beautifully decorated, impressing the bloggers as we all hurriedly took photos of each others plates so we could dig in to our own. Lunch at Stock Restaurant was definitely a Dream Travel experience. I love these moments the most because I know it’s not everyday that I get to indulge in a luxurious meal at a fine restaurant. I loved that each attendant treated each one of us like royalty, making sure water was full, wine glasses were filled, handling food requests with ease. It’s nice to know that everyone gets the Trump experience regardless of who they are. I knew very quickly that I was sitting amongst some of the biggest and best bloggers around. I don’t know how my little blog got there but I knew that I was the least known in the room, but I still got to feel special! I’ve been to many places that do the once over look at you and determine you are not worthy of special treatment and that is just not the case at Trump Toronto. You want a Trump experience and you will get it here, that’s what they are all trained to do!


After we all devoured our food, we were taken up a private elevator to the Residential lobby of the tower. The Trump Tower is half hotel and half residential condos and we were about to get an exclusive look at the 3-storey penthouse suite on the 56th floor which was on the market for $36 million. It was still very much under construction a sea of boards and construction equipment but it’s size was overwhelming.We walked up the curved staircase to the 58th floor of the apartment which featured a massive glass wall and ceiling! This is the corner of the Trump Tower Toronto building and offered a spectacular view!

Trump-Toronto-Tower-Penthouse-private tour

In the grand room was a special version of the Stock Restaurant Chocolate Lab Cart with an assortment of truffles, chocolates and treats! It was like a table of art made out of chocolate! We drank glasses of port and walked about the room in awe of this spectacular suite wondering who would be the one to buy it! We all collected plates of chocolate and then moved down to the 57th floor to view the suite’s two terraces one facing south east and one north west. They are long wrapping terraces with spectacular views from either side. The Scotia Bank Tower on one side, the BMO First Canadian Place on the other. Views of Lake Ontario and the sprawling city to the north.

Trump-Toronto-Tower-Stock-Dessert-Cart-TBEX-Tour  Trump-Toronto-Tower-Stock-chocolate-lab-treats-penthouse-tour    Trump-Toronto-Tower-Stock-dessert-plate-chocolates


Just when I was ready to go, we were all given little boxes and told to take some chocolate home! So I marched back up to the 58th floor and grabbed some more chocolates to indulge in for the rest of the weekend! On my way out I was given a huge gift basket with Trump slippers and other great treats! I know it was wrong but I wore them in my hotel all weekend! Imagining that some day I’d get to wear Trump slippers in a Trump Toronto hotel room!

It was just a taste of the Trump experience in Toronto, but enough of a taste to put the Trump Tower on my list of dream hotels! I can’t wait for the full experience!