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The floorboards squeaked beneath my feet as I walked down the narrow hall and I heard sounds of doors opening and closing in the distance. There were many doors with names engraved on them and I had no idea why? Why were there more doors in the hall than there were rooms? This is the historic wonder of the Roycroft Inn, East Aurora NY. A turn of the key in the door revealed my suite, a room with windows on the interior wall and many other doors leading from one room in the suite to another. Nothing made any sense, but then slowly, in its own time the inn began to show its many layers to me.

Located in the delightful village of East Aurora New York, the Roycroft Inn is the perfect location for antique hunters, village boutique shoppers or those looking for a quiet country escape.

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One of the restored buildings on the Roycroft Campus

The Roycroft Inn, East Aurora NY – History at the Roycroft Campus

Built originally in 1897, as a print shop, the Roycroft Inn was part of Elbert Hubbard’s arts and crafts vision that began with a print and book publishing business and evolved into a campus of artisans selling their hand crafted creations. The print shop was expanded to include a reception area, library and boarding room accommodations for the many guests, workers and artists that came to visit the area.

This amazing group of buildings that make up the Roycroft Campus were almost lost but a group called the Roycroft Campus Corporation worked diligently to restore the buildings to their original splendour. As a result the Inn and surrounding buildings have been deemed National Historic Landmarks and in 1995 after a multi-million dollar renovation, the Inn opened its doors once again to guests.

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The Bedroom (Note the windows on the inner wall)

The Four Room Suite

So now that you know a little history behind this inn, imagine it’s original boarding rooms converted into the 29 suites. All the doorways maintained in the hall and carved with names of the famous guests that stayed in the Inn. The smell of the wood and sounds of creaking wood floors add to its historic charm. So why the windows on the inside wall of our suite? Well the boarding rooms included porch accommodations and the windows provided air flow from the porch rooms into the inside boarding rooms. Our suite was made up of 2 porch rooms and 2 inside rooms of the boarding house.

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Entrance room of 4 Room Suite

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Bathroom – 4 Room Suite

When you walk inside the first room in the four room suite you will see that it houses Roycroft antique furnishings including a dresser and an Armoire, then as you walk through the next door you enter the bedroom, set up with two twin size beds and a television set. A small sitting room with an antique desk and a chaise chair provide a quiet space to read or work and the quad of rooms is completed with the spacious bathroom.

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Sitting Room – 4 Bedroom Suite

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Part of the Great Room Roycroft Inn Reception Area

Roycroft Inn Reception Area

This inn does not try to be a fancy modern hotel, but it has a cozy feel amongst the grand rooms filled with antique furnishings, art and comforts. The main reception is an invitation into the Inn’s warm opulence, with a number of clustered chairs and benches creating a number of sitting areas within the one room. A piano and a large table provide focal points for the large space.

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Sitting Area – Great Hall – Reception

The entire hotel is equipped with wi-fi if you need to stay connected, although the signal came and went throughout our stay. If I wasn’t on assignment however, I would not concern myself with Wi-fi and simply enjoy the romantic and cozy inn’s quiet hiding spaces with a book.

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Sitting Area – Bar and Lobby of Roycroft Inn

The Bar and Library

Part of the appeal of the Roycroft Inn are the many places you can have a quiet moment of relaxation, or gather with a group of friends. The large bar and library area, like the large reception area has lots of cozy chairs and tables to gather around and enjoy a drink.

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Roycroft Inn – Bar

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Rocking Chairs on the Porch

Other Hidden Corners

I fell in love with rocking chairs on the many outdoor porches around the inn. The sound of wind blowing through the leaves in the trees and porch floor creaking under the chair is the most relaxing and awesome way to spend a vacation!

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Outdoor Dining – Roycroft Inn

Dining Room and Veranda

On a beautiful summer night there is nothing more awesome than sitting at a table on a veranda with a view of perfectly manicured garden, while sipping a glass of wine. This is the scene of our dinner for two at the Roycroft Inn. As if, I wasn’t relaxed enough from my time in my suite or the amazing reception area great room, now I would be enjoying a fine dining dinner extravaganza!

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Indoor Dining – Roycroft Inn

Ok since words will not do this amazing dinner justice, I’m just going to share the photos. We had an amazing table on the outdoor porch of the Inn and were facing the manicured garden.

Roycroft Inn East Aurora NY_dreamtravelmagazine.com_06

Garden View Table – Roycroft Inn

Roycroft Inn East Aurora NY_dreamtravelmagazine.com_17

Lump Crab Cakes

Roycroft Inn East Aurora NY_dreamtravelmagazine.com_18

Steak Special

Roycroft Inn East Aurora NY_dreamtravelmagazine.com_19

Lobster Risotto

Roycroft Inn East Aurora NY_dreamtravelmagazine.com_21

Lemon Tart

Roycroft Inn East Aurora NY_dreamtravelmagazine.com_20

Chocolate Torte

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dream travel magazine approvedMaybe it is because I am a writer and graphic designer that I was so inspired by my stay in this historical inn built for turn of the century artisans and creatives? Maybe the rumours that the inn is haunted are true and these artisans were around me throughout my stay with only the sounds of creaking floors and doors opening and closing giving them away? But, in this small, cozy and quiet inn set in the beautiful village of East Aurora New York, I had the most wonderful stay and I can’t wait for the day when I can come back again to take in some of its historical inspiration, charm and beauty.

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