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I’m in Montreal and I’m looking over the river and I see it! The Montreal Biosphere! It looks glorious in the blue sky and I think to myself, I’ve always wanted to go there and see this amazing metal sphere. In true Dream Travel Magazine form, I decide to jump on the subway and head towards Parc Jean-Drapeau home of Montreal’s Biosphere.

Montreal’s Biosphere and Parc Jean-Drapeau

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_13

Montreal’s Biosphere Museum of the Environment

Just steps from the island’s subway stop I walked toward the amazing sphere starting to get my first look inside. It’s funny I’ve always wanted to go inside, but I had no idea what was even in there? As it turns out the Biosphere is home to the Museum of the Environment.

Montreal’s Biosphere

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The walk up to the Biosphere Montreal

The signs leading up to the giant sphere start to educate about the world’s greatest environmental issues. Air pollution, water, sustainable development these are the themes of Montreal’s Museum of the Environment. I walk through the double doors and gasp! Finally I’m inside!

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_03

Finally! Inside the Biosphere.

All I really want to do is go up to the giant observation platform inside the sphere and start taking pictures of the view. However, there is more to see including a number of exhibits and educational activities all geared towards educating us on the major environmental issues including: air, water, biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development.

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_04

Pollution Exhibit Biosphere Montreal

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Educational Activity Measuring Pollution in the Lab

My favourite exhibit at the Museum of the Environment had to be the amazing sustainable fashion dresses. Each dress is made from products like batteries, pill boxes, aluminum drink cans and even the tape from old music cassettes.

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_06

Recycled High Fashion at the Biosphere

After wondering through the exhibits and watching a short film excitedly headed up in the elevator to the observation platform!

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_09

More Exhibits high inside the Biosphere

The view from inside the metal Biosphere is spectacular. I can see the two islands of Jean Drapeau park and the City of Montreal.

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_11

Montreal from Inside the Biosphere

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_10

Spectacular view from the platform of the Biosphere Montreal

Now that I’ve been inside the sphere, I start to wonder away and follow the paths of the Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_12

Montreal biosphere

Spread over two islands Île Notre-Dame and Île Sainte-Hélène the park features many attractions including La Ronde the six flags amusment park, Casino de Montréal, an Olympic swimming pool, a beach and many paths for walking, rollerblading and biking.

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_01

Grab a Bixi Bike early in the Morning as these were all gone quickly!

If you prefer a nice walk, then follow the paths and discover some beautifully manicured gardens.

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_17

Path in Parc jean Drapeau

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_18

Humorous Garden in Park jean Drapeau

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_15

Paths through the water in Parc Jean Drapeau

There were several sculptures and features along the way as I walked around Île Notre-Dame.

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_14

Wooden paths over ponds

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_19

Sculpture in the Park

Montreal Jean Drapeau Park Biosphere_dreamtravelmagazine.com_16

Totem Pole in Jean Drapeau Park

I wish I had more time to explore the many features in the park but the City of Montreal was calling me back! If you would like to enjoy a relaxing walk through nature then don’t miss the Parc Jean-Drapeau just off Montreal’s Old Port.

Inside the Biosphere Montreal! Science museum review Montreal Quebec.

Do you have a favourite spot in Montreal? Let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear your stories!

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