It’s no secret that one of my favourite places to stay in Toronto is the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto®. I’ve been to the hotel for a girls weekend living the Trump Life where I stayed in a luxury business suite, enjoyed a spa treatment and great food at the Stock Restaurant. Well, Stock restaurant closed, and when I heard that the hotel changed things up, I knew I had to go back and see what all the fuss was about. 


Lunch at America Restaurant

My first thought when I walked into the renovated restaurant space was ooooh woooow. It’s all bright and colourful. I remember Stock Restaurant being very black and dark. America immediately sets a new tone, a funky bright art deco vibe. Located on the 31st floor of the Trump Hotel in Toronto the restaurant is the partnership of INK Entertainment and Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants.


By day it’s a hot spot for corporate types sitting down for business lunches, but the mood at America starts off all Yellow and bright and then starts to shift as the day turns to happy hour and then into a loungy night scene. That’s what happens when a famous restaurant chain and an entertainment company work together on a new venture.


I had my lunch after all the busy businesspeople lunch meetings ended during a daycation stay at the hotel. For me, it was a day to treat myself to an excellent lunch before getting pampered at the Pure Beauty Salon & Spa down the hall.


I sat down at the table and admired the menu before me and was so looking forward to a fantastic meal, but something shifted. I realised the decor from far away was a bit of an illusion. The table was worn at the edges; the cutlery was dull like it had been run through a dishwasher one too many times and the bright atmosphere and the feeling that you’re in a Masterchef’s newest restaurant started to fade away.


America Lunch Menu

I tried to shake off the feeling, and I opened the menu and looked at the one page inside. I was completely uninspired, or maybe I’m just not fancy enough to enjoy this menu? The appetisers included a daily soup, mushroom soup, some salad options, oysters and a steak tartare to start. The mains included:  a beef burger, sea bass, steak frites, Fettuccine, Taglionlini and two more seafood choices. Of course, there were add-ons to the salads like chicken breast or salmon.


Tomato Basil Daily Soup


Steak Frites

The staff at the restaurant know just when to approach the table. From taking your order, delivering your food to checking up on you – it’s all orchestrated to perfection. My steak was also OK. It just didn’t have the sexy vibe like other restaurants I’ve visited. Remember my amazing experience at Garlic’s of London? I still get people groaning over the photos of that meal, and I remember every decadent bite.


Dessert on the Patio at America

I decided I needed a little change of scenery for dessert. It was a beautiful sunny day, just a little cool to be sitting on a patio but with an amazing view of downtown Toronto, I decided to go for it. I had the whole patio to myself and frankly in the hot sun it was not that bad after all.


The Clusterphuck

I decided a little chocolate nibble would compliment a cappuccino and with a name like “Clusterphuck” well come on I had to order it. The huge chocolate bark was a smore’s inspired creation. Very decadent and very delish and I got a little box to take the rest of it home because frankly, it was just so decadent I couldn’t possibly finish it all.

America Restaurant – It’s Ok

Believe me; I wanted it to be special. I wanted it to be a Masterchef or Trump moment. For some maybe it is that a great place to be seen, a lounge restaurant where all the who’s who of Bay Street come out to dine, but for me I wanted it to be about the food. I wanted it to be one of those “how lucky am I that I get to eat here” places. I wanted the #foodporn Instagram shots, the foodgasms and the fireworks in my mouth. I wanted you all to look at the photos and go “yeah that is a dream travel restaurant.” The truth is – it was just a nice place to eat. It was OK.

Travel assistance provided by Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto®, and America Restaurant, however, this does not affect my reviews and the opinions expressed are my own.