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The Beginning of Dream Travel Magazine

Another year has started and with it comes a new set of resolutions. This year instead of vowing to be at the gym everyday and making diet resolutions I decided to focus on all of you! Reaching out to my Dream Travel Magazine readers is my number one resolution this year. I’ve been hiding behind my computer for a while now and this past year while I did open myself up a bit to you all I promise to reach out more and finally answer some of the many questions I’ve been getting from you through email. A lot of you ask me how do I do it? How did Dream Travel Magazine start? Can I have a travel blog too? So I will try and answer all these questions this year and encourage you to keep emailing, commenting and reaching out!

2015 for me starts with a lot of change and chaos and I honestly don’t know what is in store for me in the year ahead. I was laid off my full-time job very late in the year and am starting 2015 reinventing my career! A pretty big and stressful life change! Thankfully I have this amazing community of readers and fellow travel writers who love dreaming about the travel life and their next vacation. It helps me cope with the stressful part of life! I love being a writer and sitting down and sharing my travel journeys, hotel reviews, tips and other travel finds along the way. So here it goes!

Reader Question: How did Dream Travel Magazine Start?

Ok Lucy K., this is for you! This post is about how it all began and some of the major mistakes I made along the way. If you are going to start a blog (about any topic) I hope this helps you – but I think you will all see – you have to make these mistakes yourselves as you build your blog and figure out what it is going to be!

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Dream Travel Magazine – Can a website make money?

I want to tell you that Dream Travel Magazine was a travel writer’s dream and I had it all figured out from the very beginning – but that would be a lie. The truth is, I was sitting at my computer at home searching “how to make money online” and trying to understand how Google Adsense really worked. Dream Travel Magazine was actually the third blog in a line of blog failures. Me trying to use keywords to get ranked in Google so I could make money easy! Isn’t that a dream we all have? The difference was that Dream Travel Magazine was built on my passion for travel and wanting to share real experiences about my vacations with my friends. Sure I used keywords to try and rank some posts (these posts have all been deleted) but I loved writing about travel and sharing my pictures and built the blog more on that than on the dream it would make a tonne of money!

So with a mix of SEO keyword targetted posts and those of my travel passions Dream Travel Magazine began. I had no posting schedule and just posted things at random when I thought of something to post. Sometimes posting once a month (or not at all) and other posting 3 – 4 times a week, especially after a vacation. I didn’t know what I was doing?

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If You Want to be a Writer – THEN WRITE!

It was a moment during an airing of Oprah’s Lifeclass when Iyanla Vanzant went on one of her rants about getting off your butt and doing something that the lightbulb went off. “If you want to be a writer – then write!” she said. “Writers write about everything!” It was true I totally remembered being a little kid with my notebook which I carried around everywhere writing about what I ate for breakfast, my day and anything that came to my mind. It’s not about what the written word will become – you just have to write. All the time! I used to have that fire but it went away and that night listening to Iyanla I knew she was right! I knew I had to keep writing.

Then another moment watching Robyn Esrock on World Travels and he casually said if you go on a trip and write something down – you are a travel writer. That solidified it. I decided to take my chances and write!

I had no voice, no agenda, I just wrote. However, I was still perplexed about the business of blogging for 2 years I was writing to my friends (because I didn’t think anyone else was reading) and I didn’t share pictures of me on the road I didn’t even have social media pages for the blog. I was overweight, had no confidence and I had no idea what I was doing. I attended all kinds of Google+ Hangouts and webinars about how to make a successful blog and one day I was on the right hangout at the right time!

It was called Better Blogging w/ Brooke, Beckie, and Court. They did several hangouts (which are still on You Tube – there are 5 in total) which really helped me realize what I WAS NOT doing that I needed to be doing! A do it yourself blogger named Beckie Farrant was talking about her beginning days. She said she went to her first blogging conference with her homemade business cards and she met a number of other bloggers and BINGO! She had a network of other bloggers to collaborate with! Networking for her was really important and I realized I was not doing any of it. I didn’t know one other blogger that wrote about travel!

When the hangout was over I went to Google and typed: “Travel Blogger Conference.” That search changed my life completely… See Part II of my travel blogging life!