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I feel like I’m on an episode of the layover except I’m Anthony Bourdain and my 24 hour layover is in Norfolk County, Ontario. I’m driving at top speeds through the most beautiful farm fields just wishing I could stop for a second to snap a photo. Blue skies peaking through the biggest fluffiest clouds above and green fields planted all around. The purpose of the trip … to experience as much of Norfolk County as possible in 24 hours. I’ve been here less than 3 hours and already, I have seen a beautiful beach, a farmers market, a winery and the food…OMG the food!

Ontario Norfolk County

Where is this amazing place you might be asking? Located in Ontario’s Southwest region, Norfolk County covers a vast area of towns stretching between Port Dover and Long Point along Lake Erie. Here is just a brief glimpse into my 24 hour layover in Norfolk County. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter as I will be writing more about this region soon!

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_08

Just a taste of the breathtaking views in Norfolk County, Ontario

Norfolk County – Ontario Dream Beaches

I love a great beach, so when I happen to find them so close to home I kind of lose my mind. This happened to me when I visited Cobourg Beach this past summer and Norfolk County seems to be secretly hiding some of Ontario’s most beautiful beaches along Lake Erie. They even have Palm Trees! Planted in the sand for the summer and then taken to a warm greenhouse during the winter! The result an amazing Caribbean like beach on the shores of Lake Erie.

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_23

Palm Trees on Port Dover Beach

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_25

Take a walk along the pier in Port Dover

Port Dover is not the only beach to visit during your trip to Norfolk County. There are an assortment of other amazing and tranquil spots for you to enjoy including these.

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_19

Take a Long Beach Walk at Turkey Point

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_10

Enjoy the serenity of the waters at Port Rowan

Locally Grown Food Markets in Norfolk County Ontario

In 24 hours you can’t possibly see everything a region has to offer, but driving through Norfolk during fall harvest I was super excited to visit some of the local markets. It doesn’t get fresher and more organic than this!

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_01

Local Growers share their Wholesome Foods in amazing Farmer’s Stores and Markets

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_21

Ontario’s Best Locally Grown Veggies from Ontario’s Garden

A Taste of Adventure in Norfolk Country

Isn’t Kayaking a bit dangerous? That was what I was thinking when I heard that I would be Kayaking on Lake Erie as part of my worldwind tour of Norfolk. I imagined the little boats and my legs all buried inside and the horror of it flipping over and not being able to turn it back around or to get out in time! But, then I realized this was a special kind of Kayaking – more like a paddle boat really. Before I knew it I was floating effortlessly on Lake Erie and all around me was the most breathtaking views.


A floating dream on Lake Erie

Our guide Barna from BAER Kayak Fishing wasn’t concerned at all about my expensive camera or my fear of tipping into the water. The reason? Well these boats are very steady and easy to operate. In just a few seconds I was navigating like a pro and moving forward out of the sheltered channels and into the open waters of Lake Erie. Stay tuned about this awesome Kayak experience!

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_17

Amazing day for a Kayak ride on Lake Erie

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_16

BAER Kayak Fishing tour in Norfolk County

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_18

Catching a bird in flight on the Lake

Wine Tastings and more Wine Tastings

So there is a pretty interesting wine scene coming out of the Norfolk region. Many Tobacco farmers have switched their crops to lavender and or grapes and built fabulous wineries in their place. With their new wines they have also raised some eyebrows because their wines are winning some “best of” awards! Looking to taste some locally made Ontario wine … you may want to put this region on your wine tasting list!

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_04

The amazing lavender fields at Bonnieheath Estate lavender Winery

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_05

A rough day at the Dream Travel Magazine Office Wine Tasting at Bonnieheath

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_22

Enjoying some wine and great music on the patio of Burning Kiln Winery

Amazing Food Scene in Norfolk County

Yes I said amazing food scene. Part of my tour of the region included eating at some of the most amazing restaurants and meeting some inspiring local chefs. Obviously too much to share in this overview of the region, I will be writing detailed posts on these fine dining spots soon!

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_02

Perch Tacos at The Combine Restaurant

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_03

Can’t say no to these bite-size S’mores at The Combine Restaurant

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_07

The atmosphere my be casual at The Belworth House but the food is Fine Dining!

Norfolk County_Ontario_Travel Dreams_dreamtravelmagazine.com_26

Ending the tour with a full tummy at Schofields Bistro

“How did I not know about this place?”

I love the feeling of visiting a new place and discovering it with excitement asking myself over and over “how did I not know about this place.” It’s these types of places that inspired Dream Travel Magazine and I’m excited to share them with you all! Now that I know that just a short 2 hour drive will bring me to this beautiful region in Ontario filled with friendly locals, great shops, bold wines and an exciting food scene I have a feeling I will be visiting it … ALOT!

Do you have a favourite spot in Norfolk County, Ontario? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below! Can’t wait to go back!

norfolk_tourism_logoTravel support provided by team at Norfolk County Tourism. For more information visit Norfolk County Tourism and Ontario’s Southwest Tourism.