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I’m sitting within the fence boundaries on a rickety little stool I bought for 3 bucks at a vendor booth.  Dirt is flying all around me and just inches away from the fence is this crazy bucking bull on a mission to get the cowboy riding him off his back. My camera is set to continuous shoot and my heart is pounding as the bull gets closer and closer to the fence. I feel the urgency to stop shooting, get off the stool and step back from the fence in front of me and jump over the fence behind me, but I’m glued in place. I want the shot so bad and I refused to take my finger off the shutter button. I realize if the bull hits this fence it’s going to slam right into me! Eventually I get out of my seat and even as I back away from the fence I know in my heart if this bull hits it … I’m a goner! That’s how close to the action we were all afternoon at the RAM Rodeo in Orangeville.

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_73

Bull Riding at the orangeville RAM Rodeo

Have I become one of those travel blogger/photographers that will put myself in the line of danger to get the shot? Well at the Ram Rodeo in Orangeville, Ontario … yes I was that photographer, but so were all the other Sony Camera enthusiasts who were enjoying the heart stopping action at the Rodeo that day. I found the Sony Photography Workshops (Ontario)  group at! A group for Sony Camera owners of all levels. Don’t have a Sony camera – no problem they will lend one to you so you can test it out yourself! They will also let you try out all kinds of cool lenses with your own camera! Then you get all the tips and tricks from the Sony crew and the photography lovers you get to meet at the events.

Cowboy Portraits with Sony Canada at the Orangeville RAM Rodeo

At the start of the meet up we were invited to take some portrait shots of two of the Cowboys about to compete in various events. The willing models stood next to a barn while we all snapped pictures of them from various angles.

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_cowboy portraits

Orangeville RAM Rodeo Sony Canada Meet Up Cowboy Portraits

Then it was time for the main event! The Rodeo competition was going to begin. So 20+ Sony camera owners were positioned around the arena at the Orangeville Fairgrounds all excited to work on our action photography skills.

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_Barrel Racing

Ladies Barrel Races

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_Horse Ride

Bucking Horse Riders – Male


Team Roping

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_43

Ladies Roping

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_37

Male Roping Challenge

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_25

Bucking Horse Challenge

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_34

Roping Challenges

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_78

Horse Riding

Thanks to Sony Canada for hosting this amazing meet up and everyone at the RAM Rodeo for letting us sit so close to the event! I’m learning so much about my Sony NEX-6 camera and can’t believe these amazing photos are coming out of my camera!