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With today’s luggage limitations it is very hard to pack for your vacation and fit it all into a medium sized bag. Beach vacations can be particularly difficult because you need your beachwear but also need to factor in sightseeing, excursions and evening wear. This can mean several outfits in a single day!

There are also new vacation packages available like Transat Holidays’ Duo Collection which send you to two destinations in one trip. You literally have to pack for 2 different vacations! One destination could be an amazing city to explore filled with art, history and entertainment and the second a beach destination with excursions, water sports and more. So how do I pack for this?

Must-Have Packing Accessories

When I am moving around on my vacations, like on an organized tour or a Duo Collection trip then I can’t say enough about using packing cubes and the Heys Jetpack organizer for packing my suitcase.


Packing Cubes: Aside from the obvious benefits of keeping your clothes organized and compact for your suitcase, packing cubes are great because you can unpack in a snap and then repack quickly and easily. This way you simply unzip the top of the cube and place it in the drawer and when it is time to switch destinations you zip them closed and put them back in your suitcase. If you are travelling with more people and sharing a suitcase you can use different colour cubes for each person so it’s easy to find everyone’s clothes.

JetPack Packing Organizer

JetPack Organizer: I love this item, because it lets you pack your items in an easy collapsable hanging shelf. So you hang it, place all your folded clothes in it and then collapse it into a packing folder and put it into your luggage! At the hotel, you simply unsnap the clip and it opens into a shelf which you just hang in the closet. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve travelled to the Caribbean and there were only 2 hangers in the closet for 2 girls! On multiple destination trips like tours, where you go from hotel to hotel then you just open and hang or close and go! Everything stays neatly folded and organized and you simply hang it up or fold it down. Easy!

Packing Basics

  • Stick to packing neutral colours and add pops of colour with a scarf or pashmina shawl.
  • Pick items that you can use for multiple uses. Shorts can be worn at the beach and on a site seeing walking tour. Capris are great for day trips or evening dinners. Try to pick pieces that you can dress up or down depending on your activity.
  • Be extra picky about your shoes! This is especially a good tip for the women who pack evening shoes, beach flip flops, sandals for walking and need many different pairs. I have learned to pack a pair of croc flip flops that can be worn on the beach or on a walking trip, a black pair of comfortable sandals that work with evening outfits and daytime walks. Let your shoes pull double duty too! I wear my sneakers on the plane (even in winter) so that I have my workout shoes and because they are the heaviest shoes and better on my feet than in my luggage.

Make a List and Stick To It

There is nothing worse than arriving to a destination like Cuba and not having an essential item. I say Cuba because I had an unfortunate experience when I came down with the flu and didn’t have any cold medication in my bag. In some parts of the country it is very difficult to get the products you are used to buying in your local store at home. So make a list, narrow it down to essentials and then stick to it. Start a week before and make piles of clothes you want to take, toiletries you need and other essentials. Then narrow down your selections by choosing clothing that matches and compliments one another and can be used for multiple activities. Having a packing list can help you spot things you may have forgotten and can also keep you from over packing.

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