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There is an interesting theme to the City of Midland Michigan inspired by the Dow Chemical Company which has been headquartered there since 1897. It is no wonder that some of the businesses in the city have taken a “chemical approach” to things. Every where you turn you can see the influence and importance of the Dow company to the region from its architecture to the names of its businesses.


 Stay at the Luxurious H Hotel

H is for Hydrogen not Hospital. It looks like an industrial building from the outside but don’t let it’s exterior or name fool you. Inside is a five star hotel that is inspired by the periodic table. Enjoy some pastries at Cafe Zinc or some mixed cocktails at the Oxygen O2 bar.


The Tridge

This now famous three part bridge is one of the main attractions in Midland. Tourists love the architecture of the bridge and the beautiful scenery, while the locals enjoy runs and walks along the bridge and around the many nature trails that start at the tridge.


Midland County Courthouse

I don’t recommend a court date, but a look at this amazing building is in order if you are in the Midland area! The building is a National Historic site dating back to 1925. According to the historic plaque on the building wall the murals were created by artist Paul Honore who used ground glass in magnesite stucco. Materials which were developed by the Dow Chemical Company.


Santa House – The Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School

Ok I had no idea there was a school for Santas. Sharing their love for Christmas traditions this school offers courses on the history of St. Nic, how to dress, apply make up, learn Santa sign language and much more.


Midland Farmer’s Market

If you happen to be visiting the city between May and late October then be sure to check out the locally grown produce at the Midland Area Farmers Market. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays in a circular structure near the tridge there is lots of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables for sale.


Dahlia Hill Garden

Nature is a common theme in Midland. Even during my very brief stay there I was fortunate to visit Dow Gardens and walk along the Tridge but I also got to stop and walk through the beautiful gardens of Dalia Hill. Even at the end of the summer season there is nothing more uplifting on a rainy day than a stroll through rows and rows of perfectly manicured Dahlia flowers. There are over 3000 Dahlia flowers planted on the eight terrace levels of the garden run by a non-profit group of volunteers.

Midland-Michigan_balloon festival_01


Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival

Each year Midland plays host to the Midland Balloon Fest one of the largest hot air balloon festivals in Michigan.

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