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This winter I have decided to come out of hibernation and enjoy everything that Ontario has to offer. So recently I braved the winter weather and drove up to Cannington Ontario for a Winter Road Trip! Dream Travel Magazine is not just about dream vacations and beaches it’s about dream experiences too. So here is a look at a wonderful day up in Cannington, Ontario to enjoy the Cannington Dog Sled Races.

The Cannington Dog Sled Races

Cannington-Dog-Sled-Races_dog mascot

The Cannington Winter Festival Mascot

Cannington-Dog-Sled-Races_horse rides

Horse-drawn Carriage Rides

There were lots of fun activities for the family including many shows, demonstrations and musical performances.

Cannington-Dog-Sled-Races_First Nation Dance

First Nation Dancers Perform

Cannington-Dog-Sled-Races_dogs waiting for race

Dog Sled Team waiting for their race

Families could also take a lap around the park on these dog sled ride rentals. If you’ve never experienced dog sledding I recommend you try it and these events are a great place to start. Of course you can also take part in a specialized Dog Sled Experience like the one I did with Winterdance Dog Sledding.


Dog Sled Rides on a Snowy Day

The Dog Sled Races

Watching the teams set up for the races was also very interesting. Crowds formed at the starting gate, but the excitement happened at the first turn where some of the racers took the turn too quickly and almost tipped their sleigh. By the time they reached the turn the dog sled racers were making some great speeds.


Dog Sled Team at the Starting Line

Cannington-Dog-Sled-Races_4 dog race

4-Dog Sled Team Races By

Cannington-Dog-Sled-Races_4 dogs

Dog Sled Race Speeding Through the Turn

The Central Counties region in Ontario is quite beautiful all year round and features many free events and festivals like the Cannington Dog Sled races. I love taking road trip days out to discover the many areas in Ontario and it is a great way to take a mini-vacation on the weekends!


The Unforgettable View on my Drive Home

Travel assistance provided¬†by Ontario’s Central Counties Tourism,¬†however the opinions expressed are my own.