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I had a meeting this week that led me on the TTC and on to “the street” in downtown Toronto. I haven’t really been to Bay Street a lot in the past few years, but I knew I’d better drag my Sony NEX-6 down with me because there would be lots of festive displays to take photos of. As I walked toward the street I saw this construction site all lit up and I knew I was not going to be disappointed.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_07

Even Toronto’s construction sites are lit up for the holidays! LOL!

Downtown Toronto’s Financial District Celebrates the Holidays

The Scotia Plaza Building

I begin my journey across the street from the construction site above, to my first breathtaking holiday display. These two moose lit up under a series of impressive gold lit chandeliers and surrounded by beautiful holiday planters.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_08

Scotia Plaza Holiday Display

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_09

Moose display at Scotia Plaza entrance Toronto

Inside the Scotia Plaza the golden themed lights continued with this amazing Christmas tree that sparkled from every angle.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_10

Scotia Plaza Golden Christmas Tree in Court

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_11

Scotia Plaza Golden Christmas Tree

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_12

Up Close with the Scotia Plaza Christmas Tree

First Canadian Place and The Exchange Tower

The decor in the Exchange Tower and First Canadian Place building was a bit more modest. The theme was sparkly snowflake chandeliers located throughout the building concourses.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_03

Sparkling Snowflake Chandeliers

Commerce Court

Across the street the Commerce Court trees were lit up with lights that made them look like they were frosted with ice after an ice storm. My pictures (no matter how hard I tried) just could not do them justice.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_16

Commerce Court Frosted Trees

Inside the main building was an impressive Christmas tree located in the middle of the lobby.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_14

Commerce Court West Lobby Christmas Tree

This huge tree had some pretty big ornaments on it which were great for taking unique selfie photos!

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_selfie

Huge Ornament Selfie in Commerce Court!

The Hudson’s Bay Window Displays

What would Toronto be like without the Hudson’s Bay window displays. I remember going downtown with my family to see these windows as a kid. They may not be the dramatic “It’s a small world like” displays they used to be, but the tradition does continue. Here are a few of the windows on display.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_17

Queen Street Holiday Window Displays

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_18

Hudson’s Bay Holiday Display Windows Toronto

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_19

Santa’s Workshop Holiday Display Window Toronto

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_20

Toronto Holiday Display Windows Outside Eaton Centre

The Eaton Centre

Once again the massive pink reindeer are back at the Eaton Centre. These large displays are located throughout the entire mall on every level and they do not disappoint.

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_26

The Centre Tree display in the Eaton Centre Toronto

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_24

Amazing Holiday Displays at the Eaton Centre Toronto

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_23

Gigantic Reindeer tower over the crowd at the Eaton Centre

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_21

Located on every level the Reindeer stand proud in the Eaton Centre

Toronto_holiday season festive_2014_dream-travel-magazine_22

Getting up close with the Eaton Centre Reindeer

It was a brief walk through downtown Toronto but as you can see I did manage to take a lot of photos. I love visiting Toronto during the holiday season it is so pretty and sparkly!

Do you have a favourite holiday moment to share? Tell us about it in the comments below!