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I don’t know that I’ve ever taken this many photos on a trip before. It’s Sunday morning and I’m standing on the platform of one of Montreal’s Metro stations and I’m ready to take a shot. It’s barely 8:30AM and already I have been snapping photos with my camera and iPhone non-stop. I watch the battery levels carefully and try to mentally figure out where I will be able to charge them before my next destination. I have been in Old Montreal for less than 2 days and I haven’t let go of my camera or phone since my arrival! Everywhere I look I want to take another photo! 

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_12

Montreal Metro. Early Sunday Morning.

Old Montreal In the Morning

I get up early and walk the streets of Old Montreal. The street washing vehicle has left a series of puddles in the street, shop keepers water flowers and open their store awnings. The sun is already shining and it is the start of a picture perfect day in Montreal.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_16

Old Montreal slowly wakes up for the day.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_35

Puddlegram shot of Old Montreal Building.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_15

Restaurants get ready to open for another day.

Old Montreal By Day

It doesn’t take long before the streets of Old Montreal start to fill up with people. Before you know it the streets are filled with cars, horse drawn carriages and people to inspire more photography.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_04

Horse drawn carriage through Old Montreal

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_01

Flute Player entertains the many people walking on the street.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_14

Red Door in Old Montreal

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_17

No shortage of people sitting on steps in this town.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_03

Life imitates art Les chuchoteuses by Rose Aimée Boulanger in Old Montreal

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_34

A glass of wine on the patio before nightfall

Old Montreal at Night

If you thought Old Montreal was busy during the day, then wait until the evening hour!

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_21

The Streets of Old Montreal at Night

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_06

Clock Tower Old Port in Old Montreal

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_07

Incredible views of Old Montreal at night.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_08

Marche Bonsecours at night

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_20

The busy streets of Old Montreal at night.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_22

Inspired architecture and lighting all around.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_24

Montreal City Hall at Night

Other Montreal Moments

There was lots to do and see during my weekend in Old Montreal, in fact I wondered off the beaten track and discovered a few surprises along the way.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_19

Chinatown was steps away.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_28

Design Week in Montreal Interesting Displays Including this one by Target.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_10

Three Disney Princess on the Montreal Metro

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_05

Amazing sunset shots

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_11

The amazing Biosphere at dusk.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_13

The fantastic stained glass art in the Montreal Metro

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_26

Some modern lines from the Fan Fest festival in the Congres de Montreal

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_25

Great lighting throughout the city make for some interesting photo opportunities

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_27

Even bugs swarming lights in the city inspired stopping for a photo!

I had an incredible weekend in Montreal and loved these awesome Montreal Moments frames located in various spots around the city. A great way to share Montreal adventures on social media.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_18

My Montreal Moment in Old Montreal

Do you have a #MTLMoment to share? I’d love to here about your favourite spots in Montreal leave yours in the comments below.

Travel support on this trip was provided by Tourism Montreal and Hotel Zero 1.