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This past weekend I jumped into my car for a weekend with the girls in cottage country. We ended up taking a drive (no doubt influenced by my love of road trips) through rural Ontario and up to Orillia. I’ve never been to Downtown Orillia, but kept hearing about the famous Mariposa Market Bakery so my girlfriends decided it was about time to scratch this place of my dream list of places to visit!

Streets Alive Project Orillia 2014

Mariposa Market Orillia Ontario

Yummy Cookie Display at Mariposa Market

The bakery was amazing lots of sweet treats and great food, but the highlight of this trip was not the chocolate chip cookies but the amazing street art lining Downtown Orillia’s main strip.

Streets Alive Plant Boxes 2014

The Streets Alive art project challenged the community in Orillia to apply their artistic vision to 40 oversized plant boxes. The result is an amazing outdoor gallery of street art that filled my instagram feed for days! Here is a selection of photos from this inspired day.

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_33

Art Gallery Picture Frames Planter

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_34

Little Shop of Horrors Planter

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_12

Colourful Sun Art and Music Planter

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_01

The Mini Mariposa Market Cottage

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_02

Fish Catches the Fisherman

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_03

Do Dare Dream!

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_04

Awesome Dragon Planter

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_09

Words I Live by: Live simply, DREAM BIG, be grateful, give love, laugh lots!

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_07

Colourful Fashion Planter

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_06

Storybook Planter

Streets Alive_Downtown_Orillia__©www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_08

Street Art Selfie!

I only spent an afternoon shopping with the girls in Downtown Orillia and in this short time we had such a fun day browsing the cool stores and admiring the planters lining the streets that I realize I have to go back! I have a new place to add to my list of must visit places: the city of Orillia and the Great Lakes Country region of Ontario!

Have you encountered a fun surprise on one of your trips! Share some stories in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear them!