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There was a point in my travel writing when I realized I had a huge problem. My photos were Ok but they were just not the quality they needed to be if I was going to take this blog and my travel writing seriously. I had a really tough time trying to decide which DSLR camera I should by that would compliment my travel lifestyle. Then one day a brilliant employee at Henry’s camera shop said “come back here I have to show you something!”

Since wasn’t in a shady shop in New York I knew he wasn’t taking me to the back of the store to sell me a fake Rolex watch, but he introduced me to the world of mirrorless cameras and I immediately knew this was the best direction for me! He showed me the Sony Nex 6 which at the time was the middle level camera – it had a DSLR price tag but was small and super lightweight – two of my favourite things when hunting for travel accessories. After much research I decided my first real camera was going to be this little Sony and I’m so glad I made this decision!


Source: Sony Canada

Sony Nex 6 Mirrorless Camera – All the Features of a DSLR

In searching for my first “real” camera I would go into a store pick up a Canon or a Nikon DSLR, stand in the store in shock at the weight of it and put it back down. In my mind, I imagined the day long trecks through cities, on hiking trails carrying this brick around with me and I just couldn’t picture it. Me lugging this enormous weight around on press trips or beach vacations. That was without including the weight of lenses and extra batteries.

The moment I held the Sony Nex 6 in my hand I started to feel differently about it. This was a camera that I could use as a beginner and that would grow with me as I learned more about photography. I knew that it would take me a while to outgrow this camera as I learned more and I knew that travelling with this baby was going to be awesome!

Sony Nex 6 – Features:

  • 16.1MP APS-C format CMOS sensor
  • 2.3 million dot resolution OLED EVF
  • ISO 100-25600
  • Customizable Function button
  • ‘Quick Navi’ interactive settings display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for connection to smartphones or computers
  • Proprietary in-camera apps
  • Built-in flash (GN 6, ISO 100)
  • 1080/60p HD movies in AVCHD (50p on PAL region models)

Source: Sony Canada

Super Lightweight and Compact

Even with my honking 18-mm to 200mm zoom lens this camera is portable and light. I carry it around with me all day and night on my adventures and it doesn’t bother me at all! I can carry it in small backpacks or slingbacks and with my smaller lenses it is so compact it fits in my purse!

SONY-NEX6_travel friendly

All the camera gear I need: Nex-6, spare battery, a wide angle lens and 18-200mm zoom lens.


Built in WiFi – Easy to Use Apps

I have to tell you my favourite feature on this camera is that I can easily open the Sony App on my smartphone, connect with the camera through wi-fi and send any picture from my camera to my phone in seconds. Then through my phone I can easily send it out to my Social Media channels within moments of capturing the photo!

NYE_Niagara Falls_Canada_dream-travel-magazine_36

Sending these New Year’s Eve Shots to my Phone was easy for up-to-the-minute sharing on Social Media

Great Shots at Night – Even Handheld!

I am by no means a camera expert or photography wizard, but I do know that there are times when I am travelling at night without a tripod that I am still able to take some pretty amazing shots at night. Handheld shots at night are really difficult but the stabalization features in this camera (and my zoom lens) make it look like I’m using a tripod when I’m not!

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_20

Handheld Night Shots with the Sony Nex 6

The Sony Canada Community in Toronto

As a beginner photographer I was thrilled to find a community of Sony camera users on here in Canada. I have attended a number of sessions teaching me camera features and each time I go I find that I am taking better and better photos. Camera workshops are held in their Sony Canada Headquarters or at amazing events like the Orangeville RAM Rodeo. Admission to the event was covered and I had a front row seat to capture some amazing action shots!

Orangeville RAM Rodeo_Sony Canada Meet Up_Horse Ride

Sony Camera Meet Up Orangeville RAM Rodeo

Sony even held a series of Meetups in Montreal this past summer where we paid our own way up to Montreal and participated in a number of workshops throughout the weekend including an Instagram workshop, fashion photography and more. While at these events you can borrow Sony cameras or lenses to try out with your own Sony cameras.

Montreal_Old Montreal Photography__dreamtravelmagazine.com_17

Learning to take interesting street photos in Montreal with Sony Canada

Excuse me… What is that Camera?

I can not tell you the number of times I have been stopped on the street on one of my trips by someone who wants to know what camera I’m using. Most people think you need a big bulky DSLR camera to get amazing shots like the experts but, I have never been more thrilled with a camera purchase as I am with my Sony Nex-6. No matter what the trip this camera adapts well to get those amazing sunset shots, street shots, landscapes and night shots … even with my very beginner knowledge of photography. It’s like the camera knows me and adapts its output based on my skill set. As I learn more I use more and more of the manual features and less of the automated ones. It’s always by my side because it’s compact and lightweight and I never have to stand in my hotel room thinking … do I want to lug my DSLR with me today? I have a Sony NEX-6 mirrorless and it is always coming along for the ride!