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The door opens before me, and I see the familiar airport security checkpoint, however, this security check is not for passengers, but for airport staff and their guests. I hand over my ID and security papers and place my things on the conveyor belt. After I walk through the scanner, the security official wipes my hands with a foam disk, and I collect my stuff. Then the fun begins, a VIP tour of the Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 3 of Pearson Airport Toronto.

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How did I not know about the Plaza Premium Lounge Network before now? That’s all I’m thinking as I walk through the lounge surrounded by comfy chairs lined up waiting for me to sit in with an espresso by my side, a book in my hand, as I munch on some snacks. I’m already picturing my next vacation in my head starting right here in this all inclusive lounge while another part of me is thinking “I’m never going to sit in an airport gate area again!”

Plaza Premium Lounge Pearson Toronto YYZ_www.dreamtravelmagazine.com_window view

Premium Lounge Not Just for First and Business Class Travellers

I still can’t believe my ears when I learn the Plaza-Network lounges have been at Pearson Airport since 2008. You can book The Plaza Premium Lounges in advance, or you can just walk in. There are a number of discounted Plaza Premium Lounge coupons available which make this an affordable stop for everyone (see links to coupons below).

Tour of the plaza premium lounge at Toronto Pearson airport

Plaza Premium Lounge Features

All You Can Eat and Drink

Each lounge features an assortment beverage services and some like the International Departures lounge in Pearson’s Terminal 3 even have a full-service coffee bar. Enjoy a glass of wine or mixed drink or a Red Espresso speciality Tea beverage and of course, there is also an assortment of soft drinks, bottled water or juices available.

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The Plaza Premium Lounges also feature self-serve buffet style food stations, which include hot meals, an assortment of salads, and soups.

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If you don’t feel like a hot meal, then there are an assortment of cereals, pastries, bagels, snacks and desserts.

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Try the Lounge Signature Dish

If you happen to be in the International Departures area of Terminal 3, you’re in for a treat, as the Plaza Premium Lounge offers an exclusive signature dish the Fish Ball Noodle Soup.

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Computer Access and WiFi

There are lots to do in the lounge while you wait for your flight including, television screens, magazines, newspapers and several computer terminals, and if you have your computers, tablets or smartphones the lounges are enabled with Wi-Fi as well.

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Plaza Premium Lounge Luxury – No Reservations Required

No matter who you are flying with or what class your flying in everyone has access to the Plaza Premium lounges. Flight suddenly delayed? No worries! Enjoy a few hours in a comfortable chair with a hot meal or a snack, instead of sitting in a crowded waiting area or grabbing and expensive bite in a crowded airport eatery.

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Plaza Premium Lounges in Canada and Across the World

There are over 100 Plaza Premium Lounges located in 29 international airports. For a full list of airport lounges around the world visit the Plaza Premium Network location list here.

A look at the Plaza Premium Network airport lounges at Toronto Pearson airport. An affordable airport lounge, featuring comfortable seating and unlimited food and drink while you wait for your flight.

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Airport Lounge Signs

Keep an eye open for Airport signage directing you to Airline/Airport Lounges as they are not located front and centre next to your flight gates. You may have to walk down a hall or take an elevator up to an airport lounge floor. Each location is equipped with a departures board so you can keep an eye easily on the status of your flight and head back to your flight’s gate for boarding.

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Canadian Airports: Plaza Premium Network Lounges

Edmonton International Airport – 2 Lounges

  • The US Departure Lounge located near Gate 88. It is a 2-level lounge with entrances on both floors
  • The Domestic/International Departures lounge located near Gate 52

Toronto Pearson Airport – 5 Lounges

  • International Departures, Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 located near Gate C32
  • Domestic Departures,  Toronto PearsonTerminal 3 located between Gates B22 and B24
  • US Transborder,  Toronto PearsonTerminal 1 located near Gate F82
  • American Express Lounge operated by Plaza Premium International Departures,  Toronto PearsonTerminal 1 located on the second floor, use elevator near Gate E77
  • Domestic Departures,  Toronto PearsonTerminal 1 located on level 3 right past security on the right (do not go down the escalators)

Vancouver – 4 Lounges

  • International Departures (Pier D), Vancouver International Airport located directly after security screening
  • US / International Arrivals, Vancouver International Airport located near food court before security
  • Level 3, Domestic Departures terminal, Vancouver International Airport located near Gate B15
  • US Transborder Departures (Pier E), Vancouver International Airport located near Gate E87
  • Level 3, Domestic Departures (Pier C), Vancouver International Airport located after security screening, near Gate C29

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport (1 lounge)

  • Located in the Domestic/International Departures area of Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, across from Gate 6.

Plaza Premium Lounge Value Coupons and Discounts

I’m kicking myself now for all the times I’ve paid for some airlines’ “Preferred Seat” or “VIP/Select” service. I’ve spent $80-$120 for preferred check-in and an in-flight kit with a pillow and blanket that I almost never use! For just $40 I can spend 2 hours in Premium Lounge and start my vacation off in style! Way better value to get a real “First Class” experience!

How to get into the Canadian Airport Lounges at a discounted price.

Keep an eye out for Wag Jag deals offering a discounted visit to the lounges, and you can download and print coupons for discounts to the Plaza Premium Lounges in Canada by following the links below.

  • Flight CentreDownload a Plaza Premium Lounge coupon at Flight Centre’s website.
  • WestJet – If you are flying with WestJet visit their lounges page and print out a coupon offering you a visit to the Plaza Premium Lounge at a discounted rate.
  • Sunwing – Get your discount coupon from the Sunwing Airlines check-in counter in Toronto and present it at the lounge.
  • Air Miles – if you collect Air Miles you can enjoy a 20% discount to Plaza Premium Lounges at Toronto Pearson, Vancouver, and Edmonton Airports, and as an added perk, you will also earn AIR MILES reward miles when you stay.

Tour of the plaza premium lounge at Toronto Pearson airport

Many thanks to the Plaza Premium Lounge Network. I participated in a tour of the Terminal 3 Plaza Premium Lounges at Pearson Airport. For more information visit the Plaza Premium Lounge Network WebsiteSome links on this page will generate a small commission from sales, which helps me to keep providing quality content and tips for you.